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Virtual Power Plant for trading flexibility

Our Virtual Power Plant

for the marketing of flexibilities from installation portfolios

As a digital platform, the Virtual Power Plant allows numerous application cases and business models in a decentrally structured energy economy. This includes the usage and marketing of flexibilities through the networking of solar and wind parks with other generating technologies (biogas, hydropower, conventional generating technologies), storage systems and energy consumers.

Through the inclusion of non-fluctuation generators, storage and the adjustment of consumer processes, flexibilities are raised that can be externally marketed inside the group. Through the inclusion of flexible industrial consumers or the marketing of flexibilities to day ahead and intraday markets, a broad spectrum of applications such as demand side management is opened. The Virtual Power Plant acts as the conductor, orchestrating the macroeconomic optimal implementation of all participants in the energy pool.

Project selection

Virtual power plant for marketing of flexibility from biogas plants

The Swiss electricity provider uses our Virtual Power Plant to connect to biogas plants for flexibility marketing of the Intraday and Day-Ahead markets.

Virtual power plant for optimal marketing of flexibility

Statkraft implements our Virtual Power Plant to optimally market flexibilities in Great Britain, contributing to the efficient integration of renewable energies in the UK.

The energy supply for this cold store in Cuxhaven is controlled by the Virtual Power Plant.

In the project eTelligence a Virtual Power Plant bundled electricity from renewable energies and placed it on the power market as a tradable product.

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